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The hottest drink of the summer is actually cold: Espresso Tonic

In the heat of summer one might go for an iced coffee or cold brew to cool down, while staying caffeinated. This summer we found a new option to change things up. Something so simple, yet so refreshing, especially on a hot and humid summer day. Order up! It's time for an Espresso Tonic.

The Espresso Tonic Origin Story

The Espresso Tonic hasn't been around for that long. We traced back it's origin to Koppi Roasters Cafe in Helsingborg, Sweden. Their owner, Anne Lunnell, says it was created after a company party. They mixed together espresso, syrup, and some of the leftover tonic from the party. The drink was added to their menu in 2007 and was instantly their most popular drink. It then was made popular by several specialty coffee shops in America by 2015. Like the Dalgona Coffee Craze, the Espresso Tonic is also very Instagrammable, adding to it's virality. You may here is by other names like 'Spro & Tonic, Kaffe & Tonic, or Coffee & Tonic.

What is Espresso Tonic?

The two main ingredients are obviously Espresso Coffee and Tonic Water. Unlike lattes and other coffee drinks, Espresso Tonics are very simple to make and don't require lots of gadgets. You can make this drink in just a couple of minutes! There are many variations, but here is the Espresso Tonic recipe we found most refreshing, and Instagrammable:

Espresso Tonic Recipe

  1. Fill a glass to the rim with ice

  2. Pour in some Fever Tree Tonic Water

  3. Add a garnish, like lime or lemon

  4. Prepare and pour a double shot of Espresso over the ice and tonic and serve immediately.

  5. You can also add some syrup and orange bitters to spice things up a bit!

Try this recipe at home for yourself! Or, next time you visit your favorite local cafe, make sure to order an Espresso Tonic instead of your usual Iced Coffee or Cold Brew!

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