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The Grind | May 27, 2020

Updated: May 27, 2020

Coffee in Space. Historic Space Flight Today.

Today, NASA will send the first astronauts to the Space Station from the U.S. since 2011. This historic human spaceflight is the first time in history that a private company, SpaceX, is providing the ride. As the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule head for the International Space Station, we started wondering "how do astronauts drink coffee in space"?


Mushroom Coffee, So Hot Right Now

The mushroom coffee craze is here to stay. If you're out of the know, mushroom coffee is regular black coffee with powdered medicinal mushrooms. Read about the surprising effects that mushroom coffee can have on your mood, energy, and sleep. Give mushroom coffee a try today & use code CORTADO!


Would You Work From Home Forever?

Twitter recently announced they are allowing their employees to work from home permanently. Many employees across the country are finding out that they are happier and more productive working remotely. It's not all roses and butterflies though, there are some serious cons to working remotely, such as increased isolation and workplace disconnect. Read about the pros and cons here.


Conversation Starters


Updates from Cortado

We want to remind you of a couple ways you can still support #localbusiness during these challenging times:

1. Check to see if you can get delivery or carry out

2. Visit the website to see if you can buy gift cards or purchase merchandise

3. Pick up a Cortado Subscription and support local!

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