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The Grind | May 19, 2020

Conversation Starters


Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Inspirational or funny commencement speech? You decide.

Will Ferrell | USC Commencement Speech 2017

Steve Jobs | Stanford Commencement Speech 2005


Milk Was a Bad Choice

Are you drinking enough water? There's water in coffee, so we hope so. 60% of your body is water though, so staying hydrated is essential for staying productive and healthy. That's why our friends at HidrateSpark are offering Cortado Subscribers $5 off HidrateSpark 3 Smart Water Bottles until June 5th. Order yours today with code CORTADO5. 


Which Type of Coffee Drinker Are You?

If you're reading this, chances are you're a regular coffee drinker. But what kind are you?


Updates from Cortado

We want to remind you of a couple ways you can still support #localbusiness during these challenging times:

1. Check to see if you can get delivery or carry out

2. Visit the website to see if you can buy gift cards or purchase merchandise

3. Pick up a Cortado Subscription and support local!

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