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The Grind | May 12, 2020

Why is Coffee Called Joe?

Countless times you have heard coffee referred to as a "Cup of Joe". It is coffee's most common nickname. But have you ever stopped to think why coffee is referred to as Joe? We decided to do a little digging here at Cortado to see if we could figure this mystery out.We found a few different theories for this coffee nickname and we will let you decide what to believe.


It Feels Good to Know Yourself

Take this free personality test and find out who you are and why you do the things the way you do. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and how you approach parenthood or the workplace.


Give Background Noise The Stiff-Arm

Are screaming children and barking dogs ruining your work from home experience? Remove background noises with Krisp, a free noise cancelling app. With Krisp, you can take calls from any corner in your home (or coffee shop post-quarantine) and improve your productivity. Try it today for free!


Conversation Starters

Tom Cruise is filming the world's first ever action movie in space and he will get there using Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket.

Scientists reveal the most dangerous place in our planet's history. If you hopped in the DeLorean and cranked it up to 88 mph to travel to this place, you wouldn't last long once you arrived

I thought hurricane season was over? FEMA is on their way to South Dakota, no not for hurricanes, but to help with sinkholes large enough to swallow up an entire home.

For Caleb’s birthday, his family wanted to do something extra special for him. The 8-year-old boy with autism gets a special surprise for his birthday.


Updates from Cortado

We want to remind you of a couple ways you can still support #localbusiness during these challenging times:

1. Check to see if you can get delivery or carry out

2. Visit the website to see if you can buy gift cards or purchase merchandise

3. Pick up a Cortado Subscription and support local!

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