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The cost of your daily cup of joe is building up.

The average coffee drinker will spend over $1,100 and 24 hours in cafes - this year.

Coffee shops are everywhere and they want your business. But small businesses have trouble keeping up with the corporate giants.

You don't want to overspend on coffee and not going to local shops hurts your community.
Cortado is here to help.

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Save Money Everyday

Support Local Businesses

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Drink Discounted Beverages
Choose Between Dozens of Local Cafés
Join Hundreds of Small Business Supporters

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Black and Premium

For the casual coffee drinker. Enjoy 6 black or premium drinks each month. *Limit one drink per day.




Black or Premium Options

Our best value and most popular plan. Choose just black coffee or premium and enjoy one drink every day of the month.

Starts at:



Black or Premium Options

The coffee addicts dream! You get unlimited drinks, black or premium, all month. *Limit one drink per hour.

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Get our app, find the plan that is right for you and subscribe for a low monthly fee. Cancel anytime.

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Choose from our diverse roster of local independent coffee shops in your area.

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Each shop offers a choice of black coffee, premium drink or a 10% discount on your purchase.

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That's it! You just saved a ton on your daily caffeine fix and you helped out the guy next door!

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Reza H.

I love Cortado because it has introduced me to so many new coffee shops around town. The app has made my daily coffee routine fun and easy.

Josh B.

I like sending it so this app was for me!

Karen G.

I love the Cortado app! I have tried out new local coffee shops that I otherwise might not have known about! It also compels me to go out and support smaller local businesses! I’ve made new friends and enjoyed coffee at the same time!  

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